DARTMOUTH- The Dartmouth Spring Annual Town Meeting was held today in the Dartmouth Middle School auditorium between town officials and 163 residents in attendance.

As the meeting discussed typical budgeting conflicts such as funding for public venues and staff, interesting developments came out of the routine town meeting. The plans for a new and redesigned police department were presented to the town, showing off design plans and the expected budget. The project was almost unanimously passed, but not without a gauntlet of questions ranging from public accessibility to how much of the structure can be powered by solar panels or other sources of ‘clean energy’.

The new police station, to be located at 1390 Tucker Road, is expected to allow for easier access between the pubic and police officers to one-another, as it will be closer to the center of town and accompanying shopping outlets.

The new location for Dartmouth Police is also coming with a new design to the current structure occupying it. At an estimated budget of $13,467,706 to complete the job, the seemingly hefty price tag is actually under-budget, saving roughly forty-dollars per town resident annually in taxes.

As renovating the structure up to modern day health and safety standards is needed, the design plans also include a second story to the Police Department for administrative offices, with the first floor offering space for town meeting areas along with space for the local access programming to operate. An extended public parking lot, a lot designated to impounded vehicles, and a lot for police department vehicles with an awning or canvas to protect from weather is expected on the property surround the building.

In addition to the new real estate, Acting Police Chief Brian Levesque highlighted that the renovation plans for the building are expected to keep the structure in use for police work for many years to come.

“It’s a modern-day facility that will serve Dartmouth into the next century.” Levesque said. “I am proud of the work that has gotten us to this point.”

Dartmouth Police and town officials expect the project to be completed as early as April of next year. More information and further developments can be found in the coming Dartmouth town meetings, or by contacting the Dartmouth Police Department.

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