The storms comin'! Are you getting ready? Some of my Facebook friends are getting ready, others are mad at the weather man for all the hype. I use the olde saying, "Better to be safe than sorry."

If you're a new listener or browser, you may not know I live by the water. I'm just four houses up from the beach, have a great view and will most likely lose power. We are checking to make sure the flashlights have batteries and sometimes they shut off the water in my neighborhood in case the storms carries some houses away in the storm surge. They don't want the pipes to break so they turn the weather off. We'll start stocking up on extra water and ice.

Here at the station we have already given the generators a test run, updated our phone lists and drafted a schedule for extended coverage. Everyone has to be available via phone this weekend and not be too far away.

If we don't need these plans, no problem! But if we, it's good to be ready.