What a morning!  Today we took the show on the road to Sunrise Bakery & Coffee Shop, and were we spoiled. 

Inez and the whole crew treated us like royalty, but they treat all of their customers that way, we did get to see some behind the scenes though.  It always amazes me at how much work goes into the baking business.  It doesn't seem like work for the folks at Sunrise they all love what the do and the tasty treats that come out of the oven are proof!

I had a chance to sample some of the treats as they were finishing them off, one was a slice of chocolate cake right out of the oven, no frosting just warm delicious cake, it was so good I had seconds and thirds.

Inez also explained the different cakes they make for all occasions and the different pastry's that are made fresh every day and the Portugese Pops and everything else that filled the cases.  If you want fresh baked goods served by very nice people then head to Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shop 571 Dartmouth Street Dartmouth, you'll keep going back I promise!


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