We asked all you dog moms and dads for photos of your fur babies in costume, and you did not disappoint. Even a few cat parents came through with some awesome pictures.

Pet Costumes 2018

I don't know if I can say that I have a favorite, but a few of them jump out at me as especially cute or creative. The photo of the Golden Retriever dressed as Harry Potter is adorable and I've dubbed him "Puppy Potter." The dog dressed as the UPS delivery man is a very good boy, working hard for his family. He is now called P(UPS). And can we talk about the banana split with all the toppings? What a good sport! I've never seen a doggo so happy to be dressed up. He actually looks like he understands the joke. We're going to call him scoops.

Thank you to all who sent us your photos. We will be loving these until the end of time.

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