This Fall River business is offering 160 hours of free training and will hire you if you can pass the test at the end.

Merrow Manufacturing is a 30,000-square-foot operation with more than 300 operator stations, and they want every spot filled. In a Facebook post that quickly took off, Merrow offered anyone the chance to learn a new skill for FREE and get hired if they could pass the test at the end of the 160-hour training course.

Merrow believes in investing in people. We are providing free training so that people have the opportunity to develop (and refine) skills to earn a living. We also provide free training so that others will expand their understanding of how soft goods are made. Our hope is that Merrow's small investment will be a signal to city, state and federal organizations to also invest in skills based training, as it this investment is critical for the health and welfare of our local manufacturing industry.   -- Charlie Merrow, CEO Merrow Manufacturing LLC

Often times, job seekers don't have the skills to match the employer needs and employers can't continue to produce without qualified employees. Training opportunities like this allow people to learn a new trade and earn a living using those skills.

Anyone interested in the training can contact Merrow Manufacturing at (508) 689-4095.

Merrow Manufacturing LLC

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