Is the Holy Eucharist immune from the flu? Some Catholic parishes are modifying Holy Communion Mass rituals in an effort to avoid spreading flu germs. Some Catholic Churches across the country have stopped offering parishioners blessed wine from a shared chalice to prevent germs from spreading as influenza continues to sicken much of the nation.

And that's not the only adjustment worshipers may see at Mass. Closer to home, Msgr. John Darcy of St. Sebastian Church in Providence, R.I., said, "To refrain from shaking hands during rite of peace, I invited them to just turn and verbally exchange a greeting." The New York Archdiocese sent out its annual flu-season reminder asking pastors to take "common-sense precautions."

This news leads to the question: Do you believe the flu can spread from sharing the Holy Eucharist's chalice or spoon, or holding hands during The Lord's Prayer? And what about the blessed water that's in a holder at the entrance of the church and shared by everyone dipping their fingers in and blessing themselves? Holy smoke, we need you to sound off on this one!

Do you agree or disagree with the common-sense precautions?