I finally had a V-8 moment and realized that we're prisoners to our phones, that's why they're called cell phones, "K"? I can't imagine life without a Smartphone. It plays music, brings me news, personal messages, Facebook, the Internet and emails. But for all its usefulness, a cell phone is also a source of accidents when driving! So, to remedy this, lawmakers are creating or expanding laws that will prohibit us from holding a phone while driving because that's what politicians do. But I look at this in a completely different way that doesn't even involve laws.

Manufacturers offer inexpensive cell phone mounts and holders that allow us to be hands free. You can buy a suction cup holder for a buck or more practical mounts priced from $7 to $39, depending on the model. There's no doubt, these holders prevent distractions and help avoid fumbling inside one's pocket or purse whenever the cell phone rings.

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