The internet is a vast source of information — some good and some bad. If your children learn to use it wisely, they can be safe while using the Internet for all the resources it has to offer. Like an infinite library, the web can take you to the ends of the earth with the information it contains!

But parents need to be vigilant about the many dangers this access poses for their children. Because kids today are often much more savvy about these new communication techniques than their parents, their knowledge and habits can be intimidating to parents.

In order to keep our children safe, we need to protect them, set limits and impose rules and consequences. But it’s not always easy to know when and how to step in.

Tonight at 6:30 pm, nationally acclaimed expert Andrea DiFilippo will appear at the New Bedford Whaling Museum to discuss the impact of smartphones on today’s children, and the real consequences of unsupervised children

She’ll be joined by Rev. David Lima, Pastor of New Seasons Worship Center, ICC Director and chairman of New Bedford Suicide Prevention Coalition Center.

This is a free event about Parenting in Cyberspace. Doors open at 6 p.m.

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