"All politics is local" is a common phrase most closely associated with Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Tip O'Neill. In my opinion, he understood the word local meant much more than just locale. In my interview with ward 3 candidate Hugh Dunn, he spoke about his views on many issues, including addiction and the local opioid crises and attracting business to the ward. He was on target. Polls show a plurality of voters identified drug abuse as the most pressing issue facing us, topping jobs and the economy for the first time in 8 years. His focus on prevention and more treatment made sense.

On job creation and one stop shopping for getting a business up and running in New Bedford, as the Executive Director of Economic Development for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, his answers were on point and knowledgeable. We covered a lot of  issues that would be of interest to ward 3 residents. Leave your thoughts after viewing the chat.

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