Massachusetts has some of the most rational gun laws in the free world. The opponents of a new local gun shop are hysterical and uninformed about reality.

I understand how people might be scared of guns. The recent mass shootings and all of the previous ones since the 1960s can be terrifying. There are lots of busy people who don't know the facts and don't seek out the facts and reach their decisions emotionally rather than logically.

Some people are opposed to a new gun shop opening up in the town of Dedham, Massachusetts because they are afraid of guns. They have come to their determination because they are afraid and rather than asking serious questions, they are just acting scared and irrational. It's like when a child hides in a closet during a thunderstorm because they believe there is a monster already under their bed, so the only place to hide from the thunder and the imaginary monster is in the closet.

The people of Massachusetts, according to a recent study, have the lowest possible chance of becoming a victim of gun violence. A large portion of those gun deaths is also by suicide.

Compare that with the risk of drug overdoses in Massachusetts.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the people of Massachusetts are ranked in the top 10 for deaths by opioid overdose.

Looking at the two recent studies, data shows that 242 people died from guns and 1,913 people died from opioid overdoses in Massachusetts.

The opponents of the Dedham gun shop would do a lot better if they focused on the risk of their children being killed by opioids. The illegal aliens who, according to the Boston Police, control the illicit traffic of opioids are the true risk to the kids of Dedham, not the lawful gun owners and gun shops that are an American tradition.

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