I'm more inclined to wish the President leave office than have his latest directive come to fruition. Commander-in-Chief Tweet Trump used his trustworthy fingers to tell his flock that transgenders will no longer be accepted or allowed to serve in the United States military. The president citing the tremendous costs associated with transgenders, presumably healthcare related costs.

I don't support taxpayer financed sex change surgeries, Mr. President, for any military personnel. It's your job to see to it that Congress does not allow it with their appropriations pen. As far as troop morale, let the real military, the one you so well avoided, handle the day to day operations of combat readiness.

After stewing over this issue for a couple of days, I've conjured up a great first start. Let the military devise the proper way for transgenders to faithfully serve in the armed forces, without possibility of them getting a free sex change. To ward off losing a potential court challenge, have the Pentagon work side by side with an experienced jurist who understands the inner working of law and the judiciary. Someone who is no longer active in or on a court.

In her quarter century on the nation's highest court, Sandra Day O'Connor was skillful in ruling on case law and didn't legislated from the bench. As the first female justice to serve on the Supreme Court, she, along with Thurgood Marshall, is the ultimate legal ground-breaker. If this legal mind is up to one more challenge, she's 87 years young, Sandra Day O'Connor would be excellent at dotting the I's and crossing the T's on the U.S. military's transgender policy.

Geez. If a wing nut like myself can come up with this idea, can't all the Presidents men and women flick on their 3-way bulb?

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