Immigration is complicated and the simplistic programs of building a wall or barring individuals from certain countries aren’t going to work.

No one can argue that anyone illegally in the country committing a crime shouldn’t be deported. That’s really nothing new has been part of immigration process since back in the days of Ellis Island. It should continue, but taking a blanket approach and throwing out everyone from a certain country isn’t fair and isn’t what America is about.

Those in the cheering for removal of illegal immigrants are missing major points. We are a country of immigrants and have need immigrants to grow and prosper as a nation. Look at the history of America and then take out all the references to immigrants. Sorry, Pilgrims, you’re out.

Unless you’re a Native American, you are basically an immigrant. Chances are someone complained about you coming to the country, made comments about your race or ethnic background. Remember “Irish need not apply.”

We are ignoring our history with comments about rounding up all the illegal immigrants and shipping them back to their countries of origin, even if they have never been there before.

There is also the little detail of who are going to do the jobs the immigrants are doing? How many of the people left are going to be willing to work three or four jobs, mainly at a low salary, to replace the departing population?

Behind the headlines of the illegal immigrants committing crimes are the hard-working people, who leave everything behind to come to a new life in this country. A fact we miss is that they want to be here and are willing to work hard to stay, support their families and often pave way for family members to follow them to the United States.

Before the last Presidential election, I spent an afternoon signing up recently minted American citizens to vote. You could tell their excitement about being part of the United States. Their stories of coming here for a better life and opportunities were inspiring.

Our emphasis should be vetting the people here illegally, removing the criminals, while helping the others to become American citizens.

As a country, we will all benefit from that.

(Mike Hardman is the digital managing editor. His opinions are solely his own.)


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