When America elected Barack Obama as the 44th President, the left saw a window of time to do things both through government and through activism from the private sector. Perhaps the biggest example of this activism was the Occupy Wall Street movement, which saw tens of thousands of far-left students and mostly young adults camp outside of iconic pillars of America’s capitalism: Wall Street in Manhattan.

These protests took place in many cities across America. In Boston, encampments lasted for weeks (Sept 30 through December 10, actually) in 2011 along the new Rose Kennedy Greenway and at Dewey Square across from the Federal Reserve Bank.

Occupy Boston In Dewey Square
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They picketed with signs, chanted, disrupted the flow of the cities and even pedestrians commuting to work were challenged to reach their employment. The Rose Kennedy Greenway was inundated with garbage, the newly-laid public lawns were torn up, drugs abusers were rummaging through tents, Occupiers and sometimes the local homeless were stealing, assaulting and more than several claims of rape were made. People were defecating and urinating in public, right outside of their own tents. One photo in Manhattan even had an Occupier crapping right on a police cruiser. It was about as disgusting and shameful a "movement" I’d ever witnessed.

Occupy Boston
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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was one of those activists. Warren was a part-time Harvard University professor living in Cambridge, running for the U.S. Senate. She's a Democrat who ousted Republican Scott Brown on November 6, 2012, soon after he won the special election to fill the seat and finish the term vacated by the deceased Ted Kennedy.

Warren was fixated on all things banking. Her warnings, criticisms and accusations of and against financial institutions resonated with many people, ranging from moderates to Communists.

Occupy Wall Street
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Warren made the claim that she is the founder and creator of Occupy Wall Street. On October 24, 2011, the senator stated, “I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do” (I agree).

She added, “I support what they do.”

Do you though Senator? Really?

This latest lashing out by Warren's brainchild, Occupy Wall Street, has to do with the Trump Administration's decision to enforce a law created by a Democrat-controlled Congress in 2008. The law calls for interning all children caught crossing illegally, to be put into safe facilities until their parent or guardian can claim them, or until they are either deported or become wards of the state if no legal guardians can be found or make a claim to reunite with their children.

Presidents Bush and Obama decided to usurp the law, which did not provide for a scenario for keeping families together. Instead of fixing it, they merely instructed ICE to not detain adults with children, and to instead give them a summons to appear in court later to determine residency status. Ninety percent of those adults defaulted and slid into the shadows of our society, deciding to remain illegally.

Yesterday, the “child” of the once-boasting Senator Warren, Occupy Wall Street, posted on Twitter for their over 207,000 followers. It looked at first like one of those CPR or Heimlich Maneuver pamphlets. It was, instead, a tutorial for illegal migrants who could be approached by border patrol or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

The OWS diagrams and printed text gave specific instructions how to drive a knife through the chest of the U.S. government officials and pull the heart out of their chests.
Don’t judge! It’s only if the immigration authorities try to separate a child from these migrants as they are incarcerated.

It is titled “What To Do If You Encounter An ICE Agent.”


It has since been deleted, but I was wise enough to know they would be doing this and copied it, like thousands of others most assuredly did, including the Western Journal.

The Homeland Security Secretary was surrounded, chastised and chased out of a restaurant yesterday as she attempted to dine. We are inching toward a civil war of a sort, or by clear definition. Violence is now being advocated, taught and encouraged by the left. By an organization created by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The "mother" of this organization, who "supports what they do," must be so proud.

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