Jacksonville gave the Patriots a very hard time. It took yet another remarkable come back by Tom Brady and Co. The Jaguars were the perfect training to face Philadelphia if you happen to be able to get past them, which New England was barely able to do in the AFC Championship game.

Jags have perhaps the best starting 11 on defense in the NFL. The Eagles do have a slightly better defensive line and can wreak havoc in the opponent's backfield with just the four down linemen. But their linebackers and secondary are not the collective studs that Jacksonville offered.

Brady should be able to wear this team down. Look for a likely low scoring first half but a lot of first downs by New England. Belichick is going to want a game plan that will gas the big Philly defensive linemen. Yes, they rotate eight but an up-tempo, no huddle offense can keep a big guy like the menacing DT Fletcher Cox on the field longer than he is accustomed to and it can really add up.

In addition, I continue to hear NFL greats refer to their first Super Bowl experiences when they "forgot to breathe". The intense bigtime show for those not used to it is apparently quite unnerving and breathing is actually affected. Go figure.

Eagles QB Nick Foles has been less than average in 2017 if you take away his performance against the Vikings, who really completely self -destructed in Philadelphia during the NFC Championship game. Viking QB Case Keenum finally showed up as the third string quarterback that he really was this year.

I'm not that far removed from just weeks ago when the Eagles were expected to lose in both of their home games. Now they hit the road to take on the defending Super Bowl Champions led by playoff demi-god coach Bill Belichick who has prepared for the Eagles over the last two weeks and the GOAT in TB12

Gronkowski is cleared to play. The Eagle's MVP candidate, QB Carson Wentz sidelined with a torn ACL, can only watch as the teams collide in Super Bowl LII.

Tough to imagine the Eagles staying with New England: Patriots 33 Eagles 20

Brady 335 yards passing 3 TD 1 INT MVP

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