It's hard to imagine, but if you believe ABC6 Sports Director Nick Coit, you'll likely see Bill Belichick roaming the sidelines for a different team next season. It's hard to picture Belichick getting salty with a press corps other than Boston's. Heck, we may be watching a 72-year-old Belichick scheming in one or more games next year against the Patriots.

Either way, Coit doesn't think Belichick will be a part of the NFL's annual Black Monday cuts.

"It's going to be more complicated than that. It's not that they haven't been giving this a lot of thought. I think they know they want to move on from (Belichick), but I don't think he's ready to retire. Belichick wants to coach next season, and the Patriots will be looking to trade him to another team the way the Jets traded him to New England 24 years ago this month."

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One thing's for sure: Coit knows Belichick is going to do everything possible to beat the Jets on Sunday.

"There's a 15-game win streak against the Jets on the line," Coit said. "Besides, I've said it before, whether you have the second pick or the sixth pick, there are no guarantees with this NFL draft. None of these players are guaranteed to perform, and there are always later picks that surprise everyone and become stars. A guy named Brady comes to mind."

This Sunday could very well mark the end of a long, beautiful era for the New England Patriots. The end of the Belichick reign. He wasn't here to win our hearts. He was here to win championships.

In the end, in his own weird way, he probably managed to do both.

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