What do you do when a childhood friend from Freetown becomes an award-winning director and video producer?

If you have a radio show you invite Casey Tebo on to talk about the world of film and music.

Tebo has come a long way from the throwing rocks in the woods of Freetown. In the interview, he talks about the big break he got with Aerosmith, going from designing their t-shirts to producing their music videos and films. He also tells us why Aerosmith is so popular in Japan and the story of how the band went there after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

He also talks about his debut film, “Happy Birthday,” and his current projects, which includes an updated anthology on the “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”

In 2015, he worked with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler on ESPN e:60 segment, “Dream On: Stories of Boston’s Strongest,” winning a directing Emmy.

Tebo also tells why local author Maureen Boyle’s book “Shadow Graves,” would make an outstanding television series, and why he would like to make a movie in New Bedford.

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