Bringing on Rudy Giuliani as a legal consultant to the president may have been the best move Donald Trump has made yet, in terms of the Stormy Daniels issue. At least Rudy has enough influence to let Mr. Trump realize that denying it is only insulting the American people.

Who on earth could believe that Mr. Trump's attorney would just inexplicably pay her $130,000 out of his own pocket, just because?

Mueller is likely to have extracted at least that much info from Michael Cohen, President Trump's longtime attorney. What may also be the motivating reason to be frank with the American public, is that there seems to be confidence in stating that the money repaid to Cohen, was not from any campaign fund. Therefore, no campaign finance violation.

President Trump had a sexual tryst with an actress/prostitute who stars in pornographic films. It took place in 2006.  I've been maintaining a position all along that I believed her.

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She and her sleazy lawyer may be despicable people, but the story smelled of truth. Trump lusted after a purchasable hot blonde. Also, water is wet.

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I truly feel sorry for the First Lady, Melania Trump. She has been extremely classy, and I am sympathetic to her in what has to be a humiliating and painful revelation for her. She is a strong woman and has somehow navigated through this ugliness with grace and eloquence.

Plus she is way hotter than he is! In fact, she is way hotter than Stormy Daniels is!

Pundits on the left are looking for the angle and opportunity to attack her personally, but it has proven to be as elusive as hitting Floyd Mayweather square on the chin early in the second round of a title fight. She has garnered a lot of sympathy from unlikely observers: women voters. Going after her could backfire on the "cause."

So at this point, the theory that President Trump knowingly colluded with the Russian government seems to be slipping away. The dossier and the dossier's investigative author were flawed, biased, and a lot of information within it has been discredited. In fact, some investigators in the FBI got in more hot water than everyone but former Trump Campaign staffer Paul Manafort.

The Donald's legal staff seem very confident that there will be no charges of campaign finance violations with regards to paying off an afternoon mistress to shut up about it, even though she is doing anything but shutting up about it.

Well, Donald, you do deserve any grief a scorned wife can muster up, sir.

But for the true haters, maybe there is still hope that he will have some kind of mattress tag violations that Mueller will discover. They will still demand impeachment over it.

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