After meeting with President Trump the other day, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attacked. He waited for Trump to leave before he "bravely" stood up to him.

Recently, I wrote about North Korea, the investigation into our POWs and the role that attorney Roy Cohn had in that 1953 Senate investigation. Cohn went on to be a legal and political mentor to Donald Trump. I believe President Trump learned much about North Korea from Roy Cohn, and that is why he is focused on returning the bodies of American heroes lost in that war.

Roy Cohn also represented a New York City disco called Studio 54. The infamous nightclub has been the focus of news articles, books, movies...and indictments.

Margaret Trudeau, the mother of the current Prime Minister, abandoned her children to hang out at Studio 54. Her husband was the Prime Minister of Canada, and she had three children, but she dropped them to snort cocaine, drink to excess, and have sex with famous people while the gossip columnists and photographers recorded it all.

One of the famous people who was at Studio 54 was a hotshot developer with a knack for publicity, Donald Trump. As Roy Cohn's client, he was part of the Studio 54 inner circle. He was immune to the booze and drugs that flowed freely at the club; even Trump's enemies acknowledge he never bothered with drugs, alcohol or smoking.

Donald Trump loves women, not drugs and booze.

The sad reality of Justin Trudeau's life is that his mother abandoned him to chase after men like Donald Trump at Studio 54, snorting cocaine and making a fool of her husband and kids. She bragged about her drug use and her "friendships" with men like Mick Jagger, Ron Wood and Ted Kennedy. Post-Chappaquiddick Senator Kennedy denied he was involved with her, because he had enough class to know that isn't something people talk about. Geraldo Rivera claims he slept with Justin's mommy.

Sitting at the negotiation table with any U.S. President is intimidating, but Donald Trump is an expert negotiator and especially intimidating. Imagine sitting across the table from a U.S President who is a billionaire in his own right, and knowing he may have slept with your mother. Or worse, your mom attempted to sleep with him, and he rejected her because she was hooked on cocaine and being passed around by the Rolling Stones.

Justin was a little boy when his mommy split the family and headed for the bright lights and big city. I'm sure his father tried to protect him from the nasty stories about his mother's antics in New York, but it was international news. Kids are cruel to each other on the playground and repeat what their parents say at home. Certainly, he knew the stories by the time he met with Trump.

But worse than the stories are the pictures of his mother at Studio 54. Our corporate policy forbids me from linking to the pictures, but you can find them on the internet. Mom on the Run didn't like to be constrained by a family, or, apparently, by underwear. The raunchy porno magazine High Society published two million copies of their edition that showed Justin's mommy's vagina on display at Studio 54. A political button was produced in Canada that mockingly said "If you like Margaret's bum - vote for him," and obviously her young children saw the buttons.

Justin's father lost his election, and his mother danced the night away at Studio 54 with famous people like Donald Trump.

No wonder Justin waited for Trump to leave before he stood up to him. He sat across the table from a man who symbolizes everything his mother craved and abandoned him to chase after.

Justin declared that he wasn't going to be pushed around by Trump after Trump had left the room. Trump called him "weak," and he is weak.

Canada has a young leader who isn't able to stand up to men like Trump, and his country will suffer for it.

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