Massachusetts State Representative Geoff Diehl is running for the GOP nomination to face liberal U.S. Senator Liz Warren, and he has an impressive campaign and message.

The Massachusetts Republican Party has three strong candidates running for the nomination to face Democrat Liz Warren in November, in what will be one of the most watched political races in 2018. The amount of money that will be spent in this election will be staggering. The national media will be focused on the same thing as Warren--how soon will she announce her campaign for President against Donald Trump.

Rep. Geoff Diehl and his campaign team of professionals and volunteers are betting that won't be an issue after the November elections. Geoff and the other candidates for the seat have a grassroots-based feeling that the voters of Massachusetts are tired of electing candidates like Mike Dukakis and John Kerry, who abandon them for a better prom date on the national scene.

Thanks, Massachusetts and hello Iowa!

State Rep. Diehl is well known for working to kill the gasoline tax in Massachusetts and working to elect Donald Trump our President. He is a married father of two daughters, who has been re-elected to the legislature multiple times while co-owning a small business with his wife. In fact, he is the only leading candidate among the GOP Senate candidates to actually win a multi-town general election.

Since announcing his intention to run for the U.S. Senate, the Diehl campaign has racked up an impressive number of endorsements from Republican town committees including Bourne, Stoneham, Somerville, Watertown and his hometown of Hanson. These local committees are the business owners, lawyers, teachers, and homemakers who make up the grassroots of political parties and help shape the opinions of their friends and neighbors.

In January of last year, the Diehl campaign broke the $1 million mark in campaign funds raised. Diehl is a small business owner and a citizen legislator and his donors are mostly low-dollar donors who repeatedly send in the best they can do at that moment for a campaign they believe is important for their country.

Geoff Diehl has also earned the support of Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson--"America's Sheriff"--who is a national figure on border security and a political rock star. Tom Hodgson has done what they say can't be done, which is win as a Republican in Bristol County, Massachusetts.

If the Diehl campaign utilizes Sheriff Hodgson's ability to speak the truth and explain the importance of this race to the Republican and unenrolled voters, there is little that stands between him and the nomination.

It's not just a catchy campaign slogan. Geoff Diehl really is the real deal.

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