Two weeks after the last snow storm, many citizens with limited abilities are still being denied access to curb cuts, preventing them from getting out to enjoy the somewhat milder temperatures.

While most of the snow has disappeared, huge snow piles remain at many intersections where DPI crews pushed it while clearing the streets. These mounds of snow prevent folks with mobility issues from venturing far, often leaving them confined to a small area near their homes in which to walk and roll. These mounds can force seniors, or wheelchair and scooter-bound citizens, to venture into the street should they have to travel to the pharmacy or a local store.

Mayor Mitchell's administration has made it clear that to clean the snow from each street corner would be costly and time-consuming. Current law requires the property owner nearest the corner to clear it of snow, but that has not happened, and the law is apparently not being enforced.

Would it be too much to ask for citizens who live near a curb cut that remains snow covered to take a few minutes to clear it off? Our elderly citizens and those with mobility issues would surely appreciate it.

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