Planned Parenthood, the same folks who want to teach your 12 year old about Saran Wrap condoms and dental dams also believes you should be teaching your 3 year old about transgenderism and masturbation.   Taxpayers pay dearly for this wisdom.  More on that in a moment.

The Massachusetts Legislature continues to advance proposed changes to the sex education curriculum for our public schools that includes instruction on anal and oral sex for 12 year olds.  But the curriculum, designed by The Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts is not the only Planned Parenthood "how to" raising eyebrows.   Guidelines have also emerged on the official Planned Parenthood website instructing parents on how to "Talk to preschoolers about transgenderism and masturbation."

"How do I know if my child is transgender or gender nonconforming?"

Don't worry, Planned Parenthood will guide you.  The website will also guide you through other issues critical to 3 year olds such as;

"How do I talk to my preschooler about identity?"


"What should I teach my preschooler about sex and sexuality?"

Planned Parenthood offers such sage advise as:

Learn how to teach your kid that their gender doesn't limit them, how to talk about different kinds of families, how to know if your kid is transgender, and more."

And then there is this;

"While the most simple answer is that girls have vulvas and boys have penises/testicles, that answer is not true for every boy and girl.  Boy, girl, man and women are words that describe gender identity and some people with the gender identities "boy" or "man" have vulvas and some with the gender identity "girl" or "woman" have penises/testicles.  Your genitals don't make you a boy or a girl."

Hope you are taking notes on all of this as there will be a quiz later.  Think your 3 year old will grasp all of this?  By the way, Planned Parenthood suggests you take your preschooler to a counselor or therapist "who is familiar and supportive of LGBTQ identities" if you think they are trans.

As for masturbation, Planned Parenthood advises;

Instead of trying to convince them to stop touching themselves, have a conversation about boundaries.  You can say something like "I know that feels good and it's okay to do that in your room or the bathroom.  It's not okay to touch your penis in front of other people.  It is something that is private."

Ladies, if it works on the 3 year old, try it on your husband!

Folks, once you stop laughing just remember that these deviants, most famous for mainstreaming abortion, collect more than a half billion dollars in taxpayer funds annually, including Medicaid reimbursements.

Planned Parenthood has been on the public dole since 1970 when President Richard M. Nixon, with bi-partisan support, signed the Family Planning Services and Population Research Act.

Don't you think it's time to reconsider that?  I do.

Editor's Note: Barry Richard is the afternoon host on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard weekdays from Noon-3pm. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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