Good news for those like me who are trying to fulfill a bucket list dream of visiting as many of America's national parks as possible.

The Grand Canyon - Barry Richard

Fox News reports that The National Park Service has announced much lower entrance fee increases for some of the parks than what was previously anticipated. This, following a huge public outcry from folks like me who dream of loading the camper and roaming the country in search of the next adventure.

The nationark system is one of America's greatest assets and certainly a most valuable way to become one with nature while taking in some of the most awesome scenery and history that you will ever see.

My wife and I have experienced a number of national parks and national conservation areas including the Grand Canyon, the Garden of the Gods, and the Rocky Mountain National Park. We hope to see the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks next year.

Entrance fees, in general, are needed to upgrade the infrastructure that is required for us to enjoy the vastness of our national park system. The National Park Service says it has an $11.6 billion dollar maintenance backlog for repairing roads and bridges as well as safety features that are part of the system of 417 parks, historic and cultural sites and monuments.

The Garden of the Gods (Colorado) - Barry Richard

The need for fees is understandable. But, keeping those fees affordable for all to see and experience the national park system is vital, too. There is nothing in any city in America, or at any theme park, you can visit that can possibly compare to the experience you will have in discovering the natural wonder that is our national park system. Add the national parks to your bucket list too.