The hysterical left is beside itself that President Donald Trump might actually meet with a brutal dictator in an effort to achieve world peace, yet they forget that even Saint Barack kept company with some less than desirable characters on his watch. Obama even bowed to Saudi King Abdullah while paying a visit to that good ol' boy.

"W" was caught on videotape holding hands with Abdullah as the pair took a stroll.

Somehow it's okay to meet and sign treaties with Raul Castro with American and Cuban flags side by side.

And shout out to Ethiopia's Meles Zanawi. Ol' Barry can strike deals with Iran's Mullahs and praise Burma. John Kerry used to hang out with Syria's Bashir Assad until there were no more dining holes suitable for Lady Therese left in Damascus.

But let Trump get Kim Jong Un to agree to return the remains of thousands of American servicemen left behind in Korea 65 years ago, and promise to denuclearize the peninsula, and that's treasonous!

I suppose the opposition party and its PR department, a.k.a. the mainstream media, need something to cling to with all of this winning going on. But how foolish will they all look if this thing with Kim turns out to be successful?

Wasn't it the great liberal John Lennon who said, "give peace a chance?"

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