They're back!  The PC crowd that wants to destroy everything Americans hold near and dear is back and this time they are attempting to put a stake through the heart of Halloween.

Students at the Hillcrest Elementary School in Waukesha, Wisconsin have been barred from wearing costumes to the annual Fall Festival this year. The Fall Festival, formerly known as Halloween will be held as usual on October 31st, but students have been instructed to wear a hat instead of a costume as part of a fundraiser to help recent hurricane victims.

Parents are unhappy with school officials who several years ago banished Halloween in favor of the Fall Festival concept. The decision to bury Halloween was based on a belief  that families who don't celebrate Halloween or can't afford Halloween costumes might be offended. The decision to ditch the costumes was made this Fall. New Principal Faith Lincicum announced the decision in a newsletter sent home to parents;

"To maximize that fun and time of fall fest, we are going to ask families to not send costumes this year.  We want to be inclusive of all families including those families who don't celebrate Halloween or find purchasing a costume a hardship. Also, there have been behavior and time management concerns related changing into and out of costumes."

Lincicum went on to say;

"The concerns over students wearing costumes were first raised just before the start of the school year. I opened the conversation with our Site Council (a team made up of teachers and parent/PTO representatives) and with our teacher leaders within the building.  Together, we decided to ask families to not send costumes this year because of the cost; concern over families that don't celebrate Halloween; and because of the challenges with teachers having to manage all of the students changing in and out of costumes.

"Finding a better way to celebrate Fall is what we plan to do with our Hats for Hurricane Relief.  We are hoping families choose to participate and let their children wear crazy hats as we collect money for hurricane relief.  Helping others is an important value of being a Hillcrest Husky, and the hats will be fun!"

This bore was obviously raised by parents who didn't let her out on Halloween.

Halloween is a time for kids to burn off steam and have a little fun before they get boarded up inside the house for the long Winter. It is not a religious observance unless you are a real witch or some kind of other ghoul. And exactly which families would be offended by it and why?

As for the issue of cost, I was raised poor and Halloween costumes simply consisted of wearing some of my old clothing and a bit of make up. "Hobo" costumes were in in the poor neighborhoods where I grew up. No big expense.

Parents Jeremy Watson and Crystal Landry tell local television station WTMJ in Milwaukee;

"If money was actually an issue there's enough people that would have donated." - Watson


"I just think it's sad.  I think that there's different paths they could have gone down instead of just canceling the whole thing all together." - Landry

Day after day our culture is under attack. Whether it be holidays we celebrate or the flag that we salute, it is a constant barrage from the so-called progressive movement.  Americans are fighting back to protect their values and beliefs but the assault never ends.

What are your thoughts on what is happening in Waukesha and do you find Halloween to be offensive?  Should we alter our observance of Halloween in order to accommodate those who might be offended?

Editor's Note: Barry Richard is the afternoon host on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard weekdays from Noon-3pm. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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