The Philadelphia Eagles have yet to decide if they will visit the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots back in February. Administration officials and the team are reported to still be in discussions about a possible visit.

The problem appears to be that several key players and the team's owner don't like President Trump, and would boycott a White House visit.

According to The New York Times, team owner Jeffrey Lurie actually supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections and donated to her campaign. The Times says Lurie was quoted in private as saying, "Many of us have no interest in supporting president Trump," and referred to his presidency as "disastrous."

Here is a bulletin for ya Jeff--nobody cares what you think about Trump!

This is not the first time that athletes have made political statements by skipping such an event, and I'm sure it won't be the last. When did celebrating a championship become about politics? I thought sports were a diversion from politics?

Winning a championship is huge. Not just for the handful of rich, spoiled athletes on the field, but for the community they represent. The fans who support teams emotionally, and through viewership, and ticket and merchandise sales deserve much better than this. An invitation to the White House is not only an honor for the athletes, but for the fans as well.

Donald Trump Hosts Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots At The White House
President Trump Hosts Super Bowl Champion NEP in April, 2017 - Getty Images

The White House visit caps the season for long-suffering Eagles fans. To skip the ceremony is disrespectful to those fans. The Administration should revoke the Eagles' invitation, and cease the practice of bringing championship teams to the White House, until these pampered athletes learn some manners and respect.

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