I'm not getting the Tom Brady comparison at all.

Some say the sketchy sketch of the man that 'sex for cash con artist' Stormy Daniels claims threatened her to keep quiet about her alleged romp with Donald Trump resembles the G.O.A.T. I just don't see it. Still, others believe the sketch looks an awful lot like Daniels' husband.

Las Vegas Strip Club Advertises Appearance By Stormy Daniels
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Personally, my attention span for all of this ran out a long time ago.

Daniels is doing what she does best, peddling sex for cash. And it's working. Stormy and her attorneys are wise enough to know that fame is fleeting. Even though allegations against Trump get you an extra 15 minutes in the limelight, eventually the media will move on and the aging porn star will return to relative obscurity. She will, however, be a wealthy aging porn star and a footnote in U.S. history.

Most folks might be embarrassed to turn themselves into a national sex scandal, but Stormy Daniels is willing to bare all and perform tawdry tricks on camera for the entertainment of some old guys in darkened rooms, lighted only by their computer screens. For money.

What is amazing to me, is how the once regal Washington press corp has so eagerly prostituted itself in order to cover Stormy's every move and every utterance for the sole purpose of making Trump look bad. I think most people are so over the press at this time and can smell a Stormy Daniels stink-a-roo from a mile away.

So, who do you think the sketch actually resembles? Do you see Tom Brady in there or someone else?

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