The most lethal weapons on the world's high-tech battlefield are not the big ones, but rather the weapons that can fit inside a briefcase or a pack of chewing gum. These devices are developed and manufactured here in the United States. So, how do these American tiny weapons of war, which can trigger a wireless IED or guide a missile, actually end up in hands of our enemies and used against our own troops?

It was a personal pleasure to chat with one of this nation's premier journalists, John Shiffman, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, who answered that question and raised many more issues by exposing the cloak-and-dagger world of international arms dealing in his newest book that reads like a spy novel, Operation Shakespeare: The True Story Of An Elite International Sting, a Simon & Schuster publication.

In our interview, John Shiffman uncovers one of the greatest undercover stings by Homeland Security. The very technology that gives the United States its military advantage has increasingly been discovered in the hands of those who want to kill us. Can the struggle to maintain American military supremacy, that protects our troops, be preserved in a world of arms dealers who've sold their souls to money and power?