Dear "Samantha from Boston, Massachusetts"

I read the Facebook post you published on Muslims Everyday:

"My husband and i attended a football game, it was Duhur time and we needed to pray. Finding a place to pray at a football stadium is tough, but we managed to find an empty corner. I was a bit nervous to pray because it wasn't private at all, particularly in front of everyone, maybe I'm silly but I'm always paranoid i will get attacked while focused in prayer. My husband started praying and i get approached by stadium security. I thought in my head, here comes this guy, he's gonna escort me out and tell us we can't do this here. I was wrong, he came up to me and said 'I am going to stand here and guard you guys to make sure nobody gives you any problems, go ahead and pray.' He allowed us to pray and stood in front guarding us to make sure we are safe. When i finished he came up to us shook our hands and told us to enjoy the game. An amazing experience i will never forget."

First of all, I am sorry that you felt paranoid before praying. If anything, prayer should be a time for you to rid your anxieties and set your intentions on your faith. It is not fair that you feel targeted at all, but especially in your time of peace and tranquility.

Second, I am glad that this experience turned out to be a positive one. I am glad that the security guard had the foresight and initiative to ease your mind during prayer.

My hope is that we come across more positive and uplifting stories like yours instead of the negative ones that so often saturate the news.

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