Legislators in the Democratic Party in New York are trying to pass the Elder Parole bill that would potentially release hundreds of prisoners currently in prison serving life sentences with no parole.

The state would parole certain inmates convicted of murder, rape, or both, if they are over the age of 55 and have served at least 15 years behind bars. Democrats who control the state legislature there are justifying the bill, saying it would save the state taxpayers "billions of dollars" and that the candidates would be ones who have proven themselves to be rehabilitated.

"This is, in terms of fiscal policy, a no-brainer,” State Sen. Luis Sepulveda (D-Bronx) said. “If you look at the recidivism rate of people over 55 that are released, it’s minuscule.”

Someone should tell State Senator Lunkhead that the prisoner may (or may not) be rehabilitated, but the bodies of the dead are still not coming home to live out their lives that were taken by the violent, merciless murderers who would be set free.

So, if you are the mother of an 11-year-old girl who was dragged into a van from her bus stop and later found to have been raped and murdered, pay attention. If the guilty person is found and convicted and then sentenced to life without parole, it may not be the truth under these conditions.

Also, if you are the heir to the wealth of a super-rich person that you can't stand or maybe next in line for that CEO position you feel deserving of, but were "robbed" by a competitor, just have them whacked. Easy peasy.

Just find someone who is 40 and willing to sit in jail for 15 years for $10 million or some agreed upon fee that you can prove to them is secured in an overseas bank account in their name alone.

Give credit where it's due, though; it's the first "jobs bill" they've come up with in a loooong time, I'll give them that.

So imagine how many hitmen candidates there would be under this scenario. You could think of a myriad of characters out there. How about ex-convicts who have served 7-10 years and came out with nothing and have struggled to make ends meet since.

Now imagine some rich stiff comes along and offers a huge sum of money to kill a stranger, and if worse comes to worst and they're caught, they sit in jail as rich men and collect after 15 years.

I have to believe there are many, many who will give it serious consideration.

The mafia, MS-13, Latino Kings and other gang members have extremely ruthless and loyal soldiers who might blink at a life sentence but would consider the compensation and risk/reward under this rule should it become law.

If you worry about spending the rest of your life in jail for murder and that is your only deterrent from killing someone, you may more likely decide to purchase that rifle in New York.

I'll tell you what, if (God forbid) someone raped and killed my daughter, I can do 15 years on my head if that $@#%%@*$# gets out of jail hitting the magical age of 55, humming "I Love New York" as he walks out of the clink and thinks he is off to enjoy freedom.

Oh, I have no doubt that this will be something Massachusetts liberals will be very interested in copying.

Here we can call it the "Mulligan for Murderers" bill.

All those "three-strikes-and-you're-out" laws will change to criminal tee-ball rules.

Hey, this is a natural thought process for the liberal. Over the last four months, they have announced their desire to see 16-year-olds, illegal immigrants and felons in prison be able to vote.

Since those brainstorms weren't well received, why not legislate some of these ineligibles into dependable voters?

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