Fresh off the recent senseless murder of a Massachusetts Police officer, Governor Charlie Baker believes it's time to debate and possibly re-institute the death penalty in the Commonwealth. The death penalty applies only to cop killers. The state's highest court outlawed capital punishment three decades ago.

If this legislation is so important, why is the governor proposing to bring it up next year, The answer is so simple. The election for State Reps. and Senators will be over. The next election cycle will be 15 months after the start of the death penalty debate.

This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Imagine the death penalty, but only if you murder a police officer. The legislature is going to vote in a bill sanctioning the death penalty only for cop killers. What about my kids who pay their taxes. They are just as important to me as any great police officer.

I deplore any thought of reviving the death penalty. Should this despicable act become law, then it must be uniform, and not just for those convicted of murdering the men and women in blue!

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