The Cos, still going through processing at a Pennsylvania state prison following his sentencing this week, is being held in a 7-foot-by-13-foot single cell but is expected to be moved to the jail's general population at some point.

Bill Cosby is 81 years old, legally blind and walks with a cane, but should in no way be given preferential treatment during his three-to-10-year stay at the SCI Phoenix in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Let's remember, he drugged and raped Andrea Constand.

Sentence Announced In Bill Cosby Trial
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Pennsylvania Corrections Department Press Secretary Amy Worden tells Fox News Cosby will "have access to an exercise room and a game room" while in prison. He will also be able to purchase things from the prison commissary, such as a TV, radio and a tablet, as well as snacks. Those items are permitted for most other inmates. Cosby will also be allowed to receive and send email and will eventually be able to have outside visitors.

Sentence Announced In Bill Cosby Trial
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How do you say that Cosby deserves to be punished and still feel sorry for him at the same time? Perhaps sad is a better word than sorry. I feel sad that such a gifted man who has had so many opportunities has blown it, destroying everything he worked so hard to achieve. Some succumb to substance abuse while others, like Cosby, are addicted to power, thinking they can have whatever they want because of who they are.

Make no mistake, Bill Cosby did a lot right. He was a champion for education and the arts, and was not afraid to speak out about injustice. But because on one evening in 2004, Cosby could not control his urge for power over another human, being his legacy is wiped away. Now that's tragic.

Inmate No. NN7687 deserves no special treatment while incarcerated. He is just another rapist.

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