from Fairahven Wind LLC

An emergency meeting of the Fairhaven Board of Health ended Tuesday with the Board and Fairhaven Wind LLC still looking for a compromise on the hours of operation for Fairhaven's two wind turbines.  

Board of Health member Doctor Barbara Acksen says the board and devleopers are still at an impasse

As Dr. Acksen wrapped up her remarks, spectators in the audience took out their frustrations on each other....

The next meeting between the Selectman, the Board of Health and respresentives of Fairhaven Wind LLC is scheduled for July 29.  

The Board of Health last month decided to order the developers to shut down the turbines from 7pm to 7am, because of numerous complaints about noise.

Update: Fairhaven's two wind turbines on Arsene St. did not shut down Tuesday night at 7pm.  At least one of the machines was seen working as of 9pm.  A call to the company's spokesman was not returned.