The Newport Cliff Walk is one of the most notable summer activities for visitors of the stunning Rhode Island city. FUN107 listeners have even highly recommended the walk to me, a SouthCoast newbie, saying that taking on the cliff walk is an absolute must in the summer ahead.

But maybe poor weather has gotten in the way of planning your visit. Maybe you're wanting to avoid the crowds. Or maybe you're just a little too busy to travel to Newport this year, because let's be honest, calendars are looking pretty tight now that everything's reopening across the Northeast.

While it's certainly incredible to witness all the sights, sounds and smells in person, imagine if you could take the tour virtually, experiencing a small taste of Newport from the comfort of your own couch. Quit dreaming, because it's now a thing! Thanks to @SmallWorldOdyssey on YouTube, you can take a virtual walk along the cliffs, see the famous mansions, and take in the incredible ocean views from home. The 13-minute video provides viewers with historical information throughout the walk and even takes them through a spooky-lookin' tunnel along the way.

So what if you want to visit the Cliff Walk in-person and in real time?

Access is free and available from sunrise to sunset 365 days a year. Typically, the Newport Cliff Walk takes can take about two and a half hours if you're in good shape and in a hurry. However, many visitors may want to take breaks or linger a little longer at some spots though, looking over the incredible scenery. And I mean, with views like this, how could you not want to sit and stay a while?

Businesses In Newport, Rhode Island Begin To Slow Reopening Process
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