Some local schools are starting the new year in a couple of weeks! Some kids will be happy while others not so thrilled. Whatever the case, how about starting some new back-to-school traditions that will help the first day go smoothly. Here are some ideas Celeste and I used over the years.

The morning of the first day of school, have the 'Back-to-School Fairy' leave a magical trail of glitter at their door next to all the school supplies they'll need!

While they are sleeping the night before their first day, decorate with fun streamers across their room celebrating the milestone of a new grade!

Start a 'growth chart' with a mark on the molding of their door indicating their height and take a photo while your child holds a sign with their handwritten name and grade.

If your child is a bit nervous for the big first day, create matching love tattoos either with removable ones or by drawing a small heart on both your hands. This way tell them whenever they look at it - you'll be thinking of them!

You never know how the first day will go. The kids may have mixed feelings and tears may be shed - either by you, your kid or both. Plan to have a fun breakfast with foods they love and a back-to-school dinner at the end of the day. Just remember, whatever your emotions, once the kids are off, invite some other Moms over to share your feelings over a muffin, cup of coffee or a mimosa or two!

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