NEW BEDFORD — What do you think the most popular attractions are in the Whaling City? Is it the live entertainment at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center paired with the bars and restaurants spread across downtown? What about the Buttonwood Park Zoo or the Whaling Museum? Well, a new initiative by the Office of Tourism and Marketing may fill you in on even more of what New Bedford has to offer.

During a Tourism Summit at the Whaling Museum lasting from Tuesday morning until the evening, Director of Tourism and Marketing Dagny Ashley unveiled a new logo and tag line for the City of New Bedford.

It's all part of a new branding and marketing initiative by the city to increase its tourist population, particularly with the brink of the summer season right around the corner. The initiative includes updated brochures and a new video highlighting the tourist attractions throughout the city.

“Today we're unveiling a new logo and tag line for Destination New Bedford called See-Worthy, so we wanted to incorporate that into all of our new branding and all of our new marketing materials. We did brochures, we did a new video. We're excited that we've worked with Design Principles and Cullum Associates on not only our logo but a family of logos,” said Ashley. “Folks will see the new refresh, the brand of our website, and they'll see all of the new social media updated, and our brand new video. We're excited to launch this and get this branding off the ground in time for our summer season.”

While the number of visitors and tourists reach their height in the summertime, Ashley says that this marketing push incorporates all 12 months of the year.

“There's a little mix in there. Every destination pushes for summer. That's when you see the highest peak in your numbers - June, July, August, September - that's when you pretty much see the highest peak,” Ashley explained. “But, of course we get visitors in April, May, October, and November. It's happening all year long, the hotels can attest to that, the attractions can attest to that. But, of course, you always want to show the best of the best of the city.”

All components of the branding initiative can be found on, which is where Ashley says the new video and brochures will be “going live within the next couple of days.”

“All of our collateral, all of our materials, all of our social media, we'll be tying that in with our whole branding rollout,” Ashley said. “That will infuse into everything that we do from this point on. We also brought a writer on to do some PR and communications for us to get that messaging out.”

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