The New Bedford Whaling City Youth Baseball League is showing support for a New York family that tragically lost their 10-year-old son during his first baseball game of the season. The baseball community is rallying around the Lapenna family and Whaling City is spreading Lazar Lapenna’s story.

CBS New York reported the story on Monday of the gut-wrenching incident that took place on a Little League field in Long Island.

Lazar Lapenna took the field for the last time on Friday.

“He got a really nice hit. ... He was so excited,” Lazar’s father, Gregg, told the news outlet.

Gregg was coaching as he watched his son grin from ear to ear over a perfect hit. Moments later, he heard his other son, 11-year-old Gerry, yell for help as Lazar collapsed at first base.

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According to reports, Lazar had epilepsy. He suffered from a seizure on first base and never recovered.

Baseball leagues are showing support for the Lapenna family by putting baseball bats on their porches and using the hashtag “Bats Out for Lazar.”

“He was a 10-year-old doing what he loved to do best,” said Whaling City on Facebook. “We ask that our Whaling City families take a moment and remember Lazar and the game that he, as well as our kids, all love.”

The league encourages others to wear their baseball jerseys to school on Monday or leave their bats at the front door, in honor of this young man gone far too soon.

Life is precious, and my heart breaks for the Lapenna family. Lazar’s spirit will live on through his teammates, brothers and parents.

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