After one year of renovations and $2.5 million, the Providence VA Medical Center's New Bedford Community-Based Outpatient Clinic on Elm Street opened its doors to local vets during an open house event Saturday afternoon.

As part of the renovations, a new physical therapy addition was built and the interior received a face lift.

More aspects of privacy were also added to make all patients more comfortable.

Phillip Dingmann, associate chief of psychiatry, says the changes have improved the clinics services all around.

"Just with the staff alone there's been a change in their morale and pride in where they work, what they're doing and that makes all the difference for the treatment that the veterans get. If the employees are happy, people get much better care."

The New Bedford clinic is one of three outpatient clinics affiliated with the Providence VA Medical Center along with facilities in Hyannis and Middletown.

Services offered include primary healthcare, home-based primary care, mental health, physical therapy, nutrition, neurology, audiology, homeless assistance and a pharmacy.

It currently has 3,000 vets enrolled and hopes to increase those numbers with the rejuvenated facility.

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