V-A Doctors
Congressman William Keating of Massachusetts is pushing legislation that would require all doctors in the Veterans Administration system to undergo pain medication education to lessen the over-prescribing of medication for seriously injured veterans...
VA Clinic Open House
After one year of renovations and $2.5 million, the Providence VA Medical Center's New Bedford Community-Based Outpatient Clinic on Elm Street opened its doors to local vets during an open house event Saturday afternoon.
New Bedford’s VA Outpatient Clinic Cuts The Ribbon
Veterans in the New Bedford area can look forward to better care without the travel.
Officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday at the new VA Outpatient Clinic on Elm Street.
The renovated facility is already caring for over 3,000 vets locally...
VA Pay Dispute Settled
The dispute over salaries for nurses at the New Bedford VA Medical Center has been resolved.
The VA said the nurses had been overpaid for years and had threatened to cut their pay by 14%-20%, and require them to repay the over-payments...
Shinseki Steps Down
VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has resigned in wake of the scandal at the V A.
He had been under pressure to step down after problems with VA Hospital in Arizona as well as across the country.
Friday morning he addressed a gathering of homeless veterans and shortly thereafter, he stepped down...