Having made a name for themselves across the nation, New Bedford's ascending VIP's Maya and Aria Christian, the Twins That Cook, are in town and wanted to drop in and say hello along with the most luscious, still-warm brown butter based oatmeal raisin cookies in hand – and some major news.

"Folks, you're hearing it first right here," Maya said. "We're so excited to announce that we've just signed with Gordon Ramsay's production company."

More details will be forthcoming soon, but the cookie queens have been winning over an elite company of celebrity chefs and media stars like the Trevor Noah of The Daily Show and Mario Lopez of Access Hollywood, both of whom are Twins That Cook fans who regularly order their cookies.

Having recently appeared on The Today Show, the set of two brought us up to date on what was happening in their busy lives.

"It's surreal, watching some of our favorite chefs on TV and then, there we are, cooking alongside Gordon Ramsay and baking next to Rachel Ray, whose show we just finished doing. It's such an incredible feeling," Maya said.

"It's amazing to see our growth, where we started in 2020 and where we are now," Aria said. "It's just unbelievable to see how far we've flourished, and how much more we have to do."

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Doesn't appearing on many of the national shows usually mean getting out of bed in the wee hours just to look fresh and energetic on TV?

"Well, it all depends. We'll wake up very early if we're getting paid for an appearance," Aria mused, as the media and press coverage they've been getting has been significant.

The twins let us in on another secret they are working on: a Twins That Cook television show of their own. They're already in discussions with networks, they said.

"We just love what we're doing and we're looking ahead to the time when we get not only our cookies in retail stores, but our entire brand, too, like a future line of clothing and makeup," Aria said.

"We're so fortunate and grateful for the support and love we've received since we started our business from all our friends here," Maya added. "That support means more to us than anything as we work on building our empire."

It seems as though their dreams are coming true. What more could they ask for?

"I want a yacht!" Maya said. "I want my own yacht, where we can have a party with our friends and celebrate the occasion."

Asked what she'd name her yacht, she thought for a moment.

"Hmm, I think Twins That Sail sounds good!"

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