New Bedford Light columnist Jack Spillane and I agree on some things, other times we disagree. Spillane and I share our opinions during his periodic visits to Townsquare Sunday.  

This week, we both agreed that State of the City speeches, no matter who is the mayor, are too long and contain too little news.

Mayors generally stack the speech with a list of their accomplishments, and for members of the public who may not follow the day-to-day news, that probably plays pretty well. For those of us who work in the news business – well, we've heard it all before.

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Credit Mayor Jon Mitchell in 2022 with turning that theory upside down. Mayor Mitchell actually made news with this year's speech, announcing a $5 million dollar award to the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center, as well as plans to construct a new entrance and terminal at the New Bedford Regional Airport, both using federal American Rescue Plan funding.

These are stories that will require followup and perhaps will generate some controversy. So thanks to the mayor for adding a little news in this year's speech.

Spillane and I also reviewed the recent vote of the Dartmouth School Committee in favor of keeping the Dartmouth Indian logo in place at Dartmouth High School.

I pressed Spillane on the assertion that there are many students at Dartmouth High who are uncomfortable wearing the logo. He praised the courageous vote taken by committee member Dr. Shannon Jenkins, who eloquently presented the reasons she voted no.

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