The October Nor'easter that chewed up a good chunk of the SouthCoast on Wednesday really left its mark on New Bedford.

Damage was reported from every corner of the city, including power lines that were ripped from the poles, house siding that made its way halfway up a street, healthy giant trees that were snapped effortlessly, and even some minor flooding in the South End. To add to this list of devastation, the "Welcome to New Bedford" sign erected by Destination New Bedford was another storm casualty.

Overlooking Coggeshall Street, down by where Kyler's Catch is located, is a sign that's a beacon to the city.

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Local resident Tristan Michael-Savage noticed the sign on his way to work and oddly enough was the first person to mention it. Out of all the chaos from the storm, how has no one noticed this giant billboard that had its right side ripped apart? Even from the back, you'll notice that it took quite a hit.

Courtesy Tristan Michael-Savage
Courtesy Tristan Michael-Savage

"I was shocked I didn’t notice it yesterday," Michael-Savage said. "It makes me wonder, if the wind could take out this billboard, do we need to be concerned about other billboards in the area for public safety?"

He brings up a valid argument. These billboards are scattered throughout the city. Is there a chance that another storm with similar winds could knock these signs down onto the citizens of New Bedford, causing harm, if not worse?

Destination New Bedford was informed of their damaged sign but has yet to comment.

October Nor'easter Damage 2021

Submitted photos of the damage endured here on the SouthCoast as a Nor'easter ripped through the region in the early morning hours of October 27.

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