A New Bedford man was sentenced to a decade in prison for dealing fentanyl, heroin and cocaine.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Ramon Serrano, 44, was sentenced in U.S. District Court to 10 years in prison and five years of supervised release.

Serrano pleaded guilty in September 2022 to possession with intent to distribute 400 grams or more of fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin.

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He faced a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison, with the max sentence being 40 years. He also faced at least four years of supervised release and a fine of up to $5 million.

Serrano was on probation for a heroin trafficking conviction in February 2019, when parole officers visited his apartment.

“Inside the residence, officers observed a large amount of cash in plain view, a large bag a marijuana in a bedroom drawer and an open backpack that contained a large quantity of brown and white powder,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

A subsequent search turned up 544 grams of fentanyl and heroin, and over 206 grams of cocaine, all packed for individual distribution. Also seized was $27,000 in cash, digital scales, cell phones and a money counter.

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