NEW BEDFORD — New Bedford detectives have seized more than 22 pounds of marijuana and over $34,000 in cash along with other narcotics in two drug busts in the city last week.

Police said 29-year-old Trevor Cardoso and 39-year-old John Sylvia, both of New Bedford, have been arrested and charged with drug-related offenses after detectives made two separate busts on Feb. 15 and Feb. 17.

According to police, organized crime detectives saw an apparent drug transaction take place in the parking lot of a South End grocery store on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

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Police stopped both people involved in the transaction and later searched the Jenkins Street home of Cardoso, who was identified as the suspected dealer.

They allegedly found five pounds of marijuana and more than $17,600 in cash, which was seized.

Cardoso is charged with distributing a Class D substance.

On Friday, Feb. 17, detectives searched Sylvia's apartment at 72 Winsor St.

The search allegedly turned up more than 17 pounds of marijuana, 59 THC cartridges, eight tabs of MDMA, two suboxone strips, 50 Oxycodone tablets, and edibles, according to police.

Police also found and seized $16,640 in cash from Sylvia's home.

Sylvia will be charged for multiple drug-related offenses.

According to police, since he has a previous federal conviction for possession with intent to distribute a Class B substance, this is a subsequent offense.

"Although recreational marijuana use has been legalized, it is important to understand that its illegal sale still needs to be addressed," New Bedford Police Chief Paul Oliveira said.

"Marijuana purchased through the black market can be tainted with chemicals and powerful narcotics such as fentanyl," he added. "Additionally, it can be sold to juveniles who would be unable to purchase marijuana otherwise."

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