An illegal ATV rider struck a New Bedford police officer on Sunday and now faces multiple charges.

Police said that on Sunday, August 21, officers were monitoring a group of motorcycles, dirtbikes and ATVs traveling in a large group across the city.

“Many of the bikes were being illegally operated and endangering public safety by weaving in and out of traffic, performing tricks, disregarding traffic controls, and operating on the wrong
side of the road,” police said in a release.

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As police attempted to stop the riders, the riders scattered with some then seen entering the New Bedford Industrial Park. When an ATV rider going down Duchaine Boulevard attempted to swerve around cruisers, police said, the ATV struck an officer who was out of his vehicle, causing both the officer and the rider to land on the ground.

The officer was said to have sustained multiple injuries to his extremities but is expected to fully recover.

The operator of the ATV, identified as Kamryn Silva, 26, of New Bedford, was arrested and charged with negligent operation of an unregistered and uninsured vehicle, failing to stop for police, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

“The New Bedford police continue to seek the public’s assistance in identifying the owners
and operators of bikes being operated illegally,” police said “(Sunday)’s incident is a stark reminder of the danger these unlawful riders pose to the safety of the public as they continue to be a chaotic nuisance on our city streets.”

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