New Bedford Light columnist Jack Spillane joins us again on Townsquare Sunday to review some of his recent columns and news stories. Spillane is part of a team of talented reporters and writers providing long-form content on New Bedford Light, an online news publication centering on New Bedford and surrounding communities.

Spillane and I hit on several topics this week, including how the City of New Bedford will spend its federal ARPA funds, the strength of Cape Verdean women, and the Massachusetts House passing legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses.

I was surprised to learn that Mayor Jon Mitchell has indicated he's willing to make changes to his priority list of projects in line for ARPA funding. Administration officials are working with the city council to get the council's input, and the mayor himself is planning to meet in March with members of United Interfaith Action to discuss their plan for addressing the housing crisis in the city.

Members of New Bedford's cultural community has also reached out to the mayor and city council, urging they make no changes to the mayor's initial allocation of $18 million for cultural organizations and tourism in New Bedford.

Spillane also wrote an interesting column about the power and strength of Cape Verdean women. He profiled singer Candida Rose and visual artist and poet Iva Brito, "both featured in a scholarly collection of essays that document achievements of noteworthy Cape Verdean women throughout history," he said.

Jack and I also went back and forth over the issue of whether undocumented immigrants should be allowed to apply for a driver's license in Massachusetts. The House-passed bill now goes to the Senate.

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