BOSTON (WBSM) — A former member of the New Bedford Chapter of the Latin Kings was sentenced Wednesday in federal court for racketeering.

Josue Carrasquillo, a.k.a. “King Playboy,” 28, was sentenced to time served (approximately five months in prison) and three years of supervised release, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced.

Carrasquillo was the 60th and final defendant to be sentenced as a result of “Operation Throne Down,” which in December 2019 led to the arrest of 62 leaders, members and associates of the Latin Kings on charges of racketeering conspiracy, drug conspiracy and firearms charges.

The other two remaining defendants charged remain fugitives, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

In total, 23 of the 64 people arrested had either New Bedford addresses or ties to the Latin Kings operation in New Bedford.

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In November 2020, Carrasquillo pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conduct enterprise affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity, more commonly referred to as RICO conspiracy.

Carrasquillo participated in the violent acts of the Latin Kings and distributed controlled substances on behalf of the gang.

He was also one of four Latin Kings from New Bedford who were among the 48 federal prisoners released on COVID-19 petitions in April 2020.

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