There's been a lot of buzz lately about the return of New Bedford's beloved Silmo coffee syrup and rightfully so. It is part of the history of the SouthCoast.

Also a part of the history of the New Bedford area? Coffee jello, which has also been a favorite dessert for decades.

You won't find coffee jello offered anywhere else except in our area and in Rhode Island.

So, let's take this delicious and simple treat, and offer it as part of your New Year's celebration. Think of it like a delicious, cool shimmering cup of coffee you can eat with a spoon.

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Ingredients Needed to Make Coffee Jello

– 2 (1/4 ounce) envelopes unflavored gelatin
– 1⁄2 cup cold coffee (or Kahlua)
– 3 cups hot coffee
– 1⁄4  cup sugar (or up to 3/4 cup according to desired sweetness)
– 1 pinch salt

How to Make Coffee Jello

– In a large bowl combine gelatin and cold coffee. Allow it to sit 10 minutes to soften.
– Add hot coffee, sugar and salt; stir until the sugar is completely dissolved and mixture is clear. It's very important that you gently stir the mixture without creating little air bubbles, because the bubbles will stay in.
– Pour into individual serving dishes or a square baking tray, and chill till set, about four hours.
– Serve with sweetened whipped cream, or your favorite alcoholic enhancer like a Bailey's Irish Cream, or a shot of Kahlua.

Bring Back the Love of Coffee Jello

Coffee jello was a favorite dessert at the Shawmut Diner for decades. The recipe should come with a warning that it's addictive, but it's worthy of 10 stars and incredibly simple to prepare. If you enjoy the rich taste of coffee, this dessert is simply amazing.

The jiggly dessert from our childhoods is back, and if you've never tried this, I can almost guarantee, coffee jello squares will become a favorite of yours.

Do you remember family members making coffee jello? Bring back the tradition of starting the New Year in a fun, traditional way and have a healthy and happy 2023.

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