I have lived in Southern New England my entire life and I continue to learn about my area. As soon as I think I have the SouthCoast down pat, another curveball gets thrown in my direction, and this curveball comes in the form of these posts that are spotting all over town.

“Do you know what this is?” asked Kristen, my co-worker, showing me the photo above.

“I have never seen that in my life,” I said to her. I assumed it was a fancy mailbox post without the mailbox, or maybe just an oddly-placed statue to liven up the sidewalk. Or better yet, did fire hydrants get a makeover?

“It’s so you can tie up your horse,” the coworker said.


Be right back, let me just park my horse.

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Are there people in 2021 that are tying up horses or is this just a relic from a simpler time on the SouthCoast? I’m having a hard time picturing a horse and its rider trot down the street and tie it up as the rider goes about their day. Or is this a regular thing on the SouthCoast of which I'm simply unaware?

To be fair, I only recently found out that the SouthCoast has wild peacocks. Are horses a common sight?

My coworker explained that these can be found all over the SouthCoast. This particular post was in New Bedford.

Coming from a small town in Rhode Island, I am no stranger to historic artifacts that have stood the test of time, but I have never seen a hitching post in my life.

Have you?

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