FALL RIVER — A 39-year-old New Bedford heroin trafficker was convicted at trial last week in Fall River Superior Court and sentenced to serve up to a decade prison.

Joseph Jackson was convicted by a jury of his peers last Thursday of trafficking in excess of 100 grams of heroin. The trial lasted three days, According to Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III.

Jackson was sentenced to serve eight to ten years in state prison.

On November 29, 2014, after an extensive investigation into the defendant’s alleged heroin trafficking operation, New Bedford Police executed a search warrant at the defendant’s home. Once inside, detectives located and seized eight bags of heroin, weighing a total of 108 grams, along with more than $10,000 in cash.

“I am pleased that the jury convicted the defendant for drug trafficking that involved a large amount of heroin,” District Attorney Quinn said. “He reaped a substantial profit from selling heroin, as over $10,000 was seized from his apartment. There must be accountability for defendants who continue to profit off of the opiate crisis.”

Bristol County District Attorney's Office

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