The Health Resources and Services Administration has awarded the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center over one million dollars in grants.

The two grants include a one million dollar Health Infrastructure Investment Program Award, and a $305,722 Expanded Services Award.

Greater New Bedford Community Health Center President and CEO Peter Georgeopoulos says the funds will be put to use on some much needed renovations and repairs.

"We have growing pains and we reached the point where we have to fix up some of our rooms, expand some of our areas, and fix up our dental," said Georgeopoulos "so the bottom line is that we have big needs to make some changes."

Georgeopoulos says they also plan to use the funds to expand services in areas such as behavioral health.

As Health Center officials meet to discuss a spending plan going forward, Georgeopoulos says he takes pride in the fact that the Federal government selected them as the recipient of these awards.

"The Federal government has been very good about giving us grants, but we have to show need and we have to write good grants and they feel that New Bedford is a good investment, so I think that is something that we can be very proud of," said Georgeopoulos.

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